Black Ops 2 PC

Ok, will i be able to run black ops 2 on this?

Pentium g860
8gb ddr3
430 corsair 80 plus psu

I will be playing on my 1280x768 tv... im pretty sure at that resolution i would be able to play it maxed. But what i really wanted to know is.... would it run it at 1080p? because i was thinking about upgrading to a 1080p monitor if it can run it. BTW im looking for 60fps lol. If i have to turn down something i wouldn't flip, i just want it to be better looking than console :) (Console CoD plays at like 640p LOL)
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    On 1240x1024 you'll cross 55 at highest settings and at 1920x1080 you'll get around 40 fps at highest settings.
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