XP1800+ A7V8X-X How fast can I go?

Thanks guys now I know that I got an Tbred A 1800+. So now I wonder how do I know if the CPU is factoryunlocked BEFORE running it?

Anyway, whats the best speed I (i.e. how should I overclock it? ) can get from the combo:
XP 1800 Tbred "A" Vcore 1.5
Asus A7V8X-X (chepo VIA KT400)
512 MB PC2700
Arctic-cooling lownoise-muchheat cpufan but i dont mind it getting a bit hot, 70celsius is just fine :-) (according to AMD the cpu should be able to function right up to 80)

Grateful for any comments


PS I do have a good 300w PSU
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  1. Check if all L1 bridges are closed... if they are you got full access to all mutlipliers up to 12.5x.

    T-bredAs often get between 1.7-8 GHz... maybe 1.9GHz with very good cooling. 166Mhz FSB is often easy to reach.

    And you don't want your CPU to get higher then 70 C (if the temp sensor is accurate). The CPU might burn if it gets to 80 C... but most CPUs get unstable when they get close to 65-70 C.

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
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