Internet stops after turning off power strip

as i write this im using my phone. it seems that turning the power strip i use to off after the computer was shut down made my internet no longer work. i have tried unplugging router and modem, does not work. nothing is wrong with router cuz xbox live works when plugged in. windows troubleshooting does nothing (and has NEVER WORKED EVER so i dont even know why its there). my comp keeps trying to identify they router connection and does not finish. i tried system restore and does nothing. WHAT CAN I DO. if i have to i will clean install win7 64bit but could i restore everything using windows file restore plus my norton360 file restore so my comp looks the same
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  1. Are the modem and router plugged into that power strip? I assume you turned the power strip back on?

    Check your network connection, to make sure it's enabled. Try disconnecting your connection, and viewing for available wireless connections. If it picks up your network, just double click on it.
  2. 1. Make sure the modem/router isn't connected to the power strip....

    2. Can you explain EXACTLY what the problem is?
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