Looking for an old PC game.

Hey guys, need some help been trying to remember and old school late 80s early 90s 2d top down spaceship pc game it was fairly open exploration through the galaxy fighting off other ships for whatever reason during battles if your shield got messed up on one side you could pause the battle and do some shield micro managing and shift energy from one side of your ship to the other. i remember stopping by various planets and picking up missions buying upgrades and new ships and picking up a cloaking device for the ship and eventually if you work your way through the story an unknown hostile alien race begins invadeing the known universe and what im assuming was about half way throught the game you find a black hole or rift in space you come upon and go through and get stranded on the hostile aliens universe to fend for yourself at which point the game wanted me to buy the second half which i was too young to do so i cant for the life of me remember the name any help would be awesome. it was a lot of fun even if i only got to see half of it.

p.s. if it helps i remember the 3.5 disks being blue.
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  1. Space Rogue ?
  2. This sounds like Solar Winds I: The Escape and Solar Winds II: Galaxy

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