Skyrim is getting a bit glitchy.

Although I often find my occasional helicopter tiger amusing I recently started playing Skyrim on my PC(see signature) and noticed that outdoors the background is a bit glitchy. This started happening all of the sudden as my PC would happily crank out Skyrim easily at 60fps with no problem before. Also it only happens outdoors.

It is not unlivable, but quite annoying.(It happens alot more often than in the video.)

Here is a video of it on YouTube.

I have looked around, but failed to find any way to fix it Does anyone know what is going on?
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  1. Check your settings. If it was working fine and happened all of a sudden, something must have changed.
  2. What are the temp of your GPU? That sort of things usually happens with over heating, lack of voltage due to OCing, or a card going bad. Corrupt drivers might have a chance, but it's a long shot.
  3. CPU and GPU are both around 40's when playing according to coretemp and afterburner. I have the most recent update, that might be it as it started after the new update and even after I re-installed everything, but I have heard no one else mention what is happening to me as happening to them. It looks almost as if the loading and visual generation of the landscape is not doing so properly.
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    Try going back to your old driver version. I've heard a number of complaints from 12.11 if that is what you are using.
  5. Thanks, that was around the same time too. What would be the most stable driver out right now then?
  6. Looked on amd's website and it says 12.7 driver resolves the screen flickering issue, should I try it?

    It seems the 12.7 update worked marvelously and Skyrim runs better than before too.


    12.7 is causing ui glitches rolling back to 12.6
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