CoolMAster HAC-V81 - Cool & Quiet!

Just got a new CoolerMaster HAC-V81 to replace my bacicly stock Coolmaster DP5-6I31c , cause it just whistled and whined too much...
And what a cooler!
Went from 45C to 35C!!! and soooooo quiet!!!
Case/Mobo temp 31C - CPU at 35C- that aint bad...
Real quiet at variable speed of ~3500rpm, however runnin it up to max ~5150 and it does take on the ole vacum cleaner whoosh... but at 3500 i can even hear the other boxes in the room ( can't even hear this on with the box closed)

I guess the copper center does help quite a bit! 10C's a big difference!
I did polish up the surface abit with auto rubbing compound as i think polishing helps a little(maybe ~2C), but I use RadioShack HS compound rather than ArticSivler (tried AS and find little difference)

The reviews on this V81 are correct - its a GOOD cooler and quiet.
But believe the complaints about the clip! I did have to custom bend it to get it to fit! It's BIG, but a couple a needle nose can give it a nice custom bend to get into about anywhere.

I Like it - Cool and QUIET!
But there seams to be very little difference between it cooling capacity between HI and Low fan speed settings, but then I can't even get to go above 37C... As the review said "It doesn't lack cooling preformance - and indeed it certainly doesn't... It Cools great!
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  1. Are you sure that's the right model number? I went to CoolerMaster's website and couldn't find any reference to it. I searched for V81, 81, and HAC, and nothing turned up...


    <pre>MOV AX,0040
    MOV WORD PTR [0072],1234
    JMP FFFF:0000</pre><p>
  2. yea - but it's also commonly known as X-Dream, or fullname,
    CoolerMaster HAV-V81 X-Dream

    Then Weblink is (and its a slow link)
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    From main, click Retail, then Products, select X-Dream...

    Try Googlin "HAC-V81", there are a lot of reviews on it...
    Got mine from Newegg, $18 to my door.
    It is VERY QUIET (at less than 3500rpm), and cools well,
    keeps my XP1700+ runnin at a real 1992mhx(12*166) at 38C MAX anytime!
    I've settled in runnin at 3280rpm(really quiet, almost totally silent) and it is sorta fun to change the speed and it does change the temp a degree or 2.
    I think think copper insert does really assist in cooling...

    Very interesting is that if I turn it up to max(~5000rpm) the CPU temp will go <35C and the case temp will start goin up! Evidently it pushes so much CFM it disrupts my case air flow... Runnin around 3500rpm appears to the best coolin in my box.

    Its not exotic, but is a variable speed 80mm HSF, that comes with a nice litle kit, a variable control pot and a pre-holed slot blank so you can put the speed control in an empty slot, so its easy to adjust.
    Good Value!, very acceptable cooler, but I realy like it cause it's so quiet.
    Works for me...
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