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Hey, what are peoples opinions on the best ways to start overclocking. What order should you try to do them in?
As in, start increasing the FSB first, then go for your multiplier, or RAM or what?


XP2400+ T-bred
A7n8x Deluxe
512 TwinMOS PC2700 CL2
Q-Tec 450W Fual Fan PSU
GeForce4 Ti-4200 64MB
3 Fans
17 screws
1 Stick of chewing gum.
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  1. 1. how much do you know your computer.
    2. what is your goal.
    3. do you fully understand mem timings, voltages, fsb increases and such.
    4. download memtest86 and prime95, and Sandra 2003.

    It's better if you know what you want to do instead of asking "how do I overclock", cause another guy was asking how to OC his memory, and 10 people explained the same damn thing until he finally got it.

    usually, I start by increasing FSB and loweing multi. I set my mem and CPU to sync, and run memtest86 every 5 mhz increase in my memory. I think your 2400 is at 266 right? So start upping your FSB from 133 to like 140, and then so on. you'll probably hit the max FSB with your CPU before your mem so just set your timings to 2-2-2-5. Up the voltage whenver it becomes unstable.
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