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I'm using Windows 7 home premium nw. Couple of months back, the speed was good.... It took less time during both startup and shutdown.... But nw the system runs very slow. I'll browse a lot. I'm using Kaspersky antivirus.... I've scanned my system couple of times... also used CCleaner.. Yet it runs slow.... I have deleted all those temporary files, files in appdata folder etc. etc..... Slight improvement but not effective...

Plz let me know how I can boost the system speed... (coz earlier when i run any application (Say VLC), it opens the next sec, but nw its taking around 30-45 sec)

Plz help me on this...

Thanks in advance..
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  1. Specs? How much drive space do you have left? Have you adjusted the paging file at all? Try downloading Soluto to see what processes are running at bootup and how long they are taking to start.
  2. ^+1. Also, if it's a HDD, when was the last time you defraged?
  3. Some drivers like Printer drivers will slow boot times way down.

    Defrag HDD and Boot Sector (edit)
  4. Kaspersky can be a bit of a resource hog.

    Download CCleaner, will get rid of a lot of stuff that can cause a slow down.

    And add more ram.
  5. That sounds like not enough ram and/or too many processes running in the background.

    check your startup list from CCleaner and edit all the apps that are set to start with windows, "disable" all of the apps that are set to start but you don't need them to, these apps start with windows, slowing down your boot time and then once windows start, they are running in the background eating up resources you need for no reason.

    If you like can help you edit your processes and startup list, if so let me know I will need a bit of info from you.
  6. I agree, biggest reason why windows slow down is many software you install add autoupdate or helper functions that run at startup, and gradually leech life out of windows. Printer drivers are a big culprit. You can use CCleaner, AutoRuns or even built-in msconfig, together with information at, to review list of startup items to disable.

    I review startup items religiously every time I install new software or an upgrade.
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