Best case fans?

Sorry about posting this in the CPU section, but no one answered my post in the cooling section.

Anyway, I have an Antec Lanboy case with the 350 W dual-fan, blue light, PSU. I plan on filling it with an Asus P4P800 motherboard, 2.8 GHz Intel 800FSB chip, 2 x 256 MB Kingston HyperX PC3500 DDRAM,an MSI Ti 4200, AGP 8x, 128 MB, video card, an older CD-RW and an older IBM deskstar 40 GB hard drive.

The case is a mini-tower, and has two slots for 80 mm fans. One in the front at the bottom of the case, and one in the back right underneath the PSU.

I plan on slightly overclocking the chip (it will be my first time overclocking) by upping the FSB to 217 MHz to match the memory speed.

What are the best case fans to get for this case? I don't want it to be too loud, but I don't want to damage a $300 CPU either.

Any input is appreciated.
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  1. For your setup and anticipated light overclocking the stock fan is adequate.

    If you do want to push the envelope a ThermalRight SLK-800 or 900 with an 80mm panflow fan will work well. You may also want to consider a case with better ventillation. I recently built a system similar to yours and used an X-Dreamer case ( It was inexpensive, well ventillated, and runs pretty cool. The 350 W power supply has been adequate, and the case has lots of room for growth. Although if I did add more HW and/or overclock more I might consider upgrading the power supply. It's only money??

  2. Well the most quiet fans are the Panaflo and Papst fans, but especially Papst fans can be expensive.

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
  3. Thanks for your input guys. Last night I went ahead and ordered the following fans:

    Vantec Thermoflow TF8025 Temperature Controlled Case Fan

    Vantec Spectrum UV LED Case Fan (Blue)

    I will put the Spectrum Fan as the front (input) fan along with an old hard drive fan I have. I will have the Thermoflow in the back.
    That way I should have positive pressure in the case to control dust in all but the hottest situations.
  4. Papst fans are manually balanced to eliminate vibrations so they can spin quite fast without much noise. I just ordered two spinning at 2050 RPM. That's their second slowest model but two of these silent fans will perform better than one faster. Also make sure that you cut out the grids in your case (I got ugly pressed holes) to improve airflow and reduce noise, and replace them with finger guards.
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