HDTV and the Wii (Not Wii U)

In before the, "Wii sucks and you should feel bad for owning one..." comment here's my dilemma.

I have a Vizio 60" LED 120Hz television that I purchased during Black Friday and of course I have a Wii connected with 1st Party Component cables and the whole shebang.

My wife loves playing CoD BLack Ops and Goldeneye on the Wii so I am trying to get the sensitivity right and here's the real problem with this.
The entire game feels slow...
I always remembered it being fast paced and twitchy. (I have been playing a LOT of Tribes Ascend so that could be it)
Could the slow feeling be due to the LARGE screen? Does the Wii just not have the graphical capability to push a 480p image at decent FPS across this screen?
The Wii being weak and not at all capable of playing at a good FPS across this size screen sounds logical to me but my wife thinks I am full of it.
Help me settle this once and for all please...
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  1. It's not the Wii being weak because it will not be stretching resolution. Your new TV will be the one stretching it. Should not be effecting the performance from TV to TV technically. Did you try it again on your old TV?
  2. Sorry for the question, but I really do appreciate the reply. I had softmodded my Wii (probably important info there) so that I can keep my game discs in good condition and take advantage of the faster load times of my games using an HDD. The issue apparently was that I hadn't updated any of my iOS's in about a year and when I chose a new USB loader the settings weren't retained from my first USB loader.

    TL : DR= I didn't have the right iOS selected. I was using iOS 250 instead of 249. So simple and it increased the frame rate dramatically. Thanks for your help though!
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