1700+ O/C 2.4GMhz only 41 deg C??

I'm so happy yesterday as my friend just sent me a wonderful cpu heat-sink from taiwan. the cpu temp was come down to 39-40 deg C from 52 deg C after I used it with my delta fan,and my computer now is running very stable on 2.32Gmhz ¡­14 x 166fsb 1.65v).
It's magic so I would like to recommend this to all o/c friends¡­

i am using
AMD 1700+ T-bred 0.13m JIUHB DLT3C 0310
WinFast K7nCR18G Pro
Samsung 256MB DDR400 x 2
SPI 400W

One more thing, I found that this heat-sink was 100% the same as Spire Coolers Model: Spire 5F271B1L3 FalconRock II & SPA04B4 WhisperRock IV
my friend just told me the selling price what is only USD8.00/pc at taiwan, is it expensive??
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  1. i have a falcon rock cpu cooler and a xp1700 which is overclocked to 2.4ghz at the moment.. im not getting any higher readings than 48C.. i have the voltage to 1.775v and its working very well! im using a 190fsb x 12.5 multiplier setting, the only problem with it is my board sucks and i cant get to 200fsb and as my corsair xms3200LL stuff should get there easly, i think something is wrong!! not to worry, might get my self a new 8rd3a+ board, apparently its a garenteed C1 step (aka A1 revision board) so it overclocks really very well

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  2. My 1700+ 310:XPMW Owns you all. I just got it and it goes to 2Ghz with no volt increase (166x12 @ 1.5V) The deal is that it's an underclocked one of that CPU AMD never released; the one that they gave the press but never sold (2900??)

    I'm gonna try getting mine up to 2.4 by upping the volts to normal AMD (1.65V) I've heard that they get to 2.3 easily with that and are stable in Prime95.

    Anyways, my temps are in the 20's with my Aero 7.

    You can get the chips at excaliberpc.com and they gurantee stepping codes.

  3. well the biggest test is whether or not you can get it to work at 2 ghz with a 200 fsb setting.. mine does :smile:
    i can get 2.3ghz and i get just under 2.4ghz, but its my board that is holding me back.. it was the 2800 that they paper launched, in which case i have two of them, they work ok, but i need some better pc3200 memory in the other pcs i have here... they have pc2100 memory and so overclocking is limited...
    the hardest thing to get to do is 200 x 12 (which would give you the 2.4ghz you want) as i said, my board dont want to know past 190 fsb, so i HAD it set to 12.5 x 190, but somethings not right and i have had to back it down to 12 x 190 (i changed the boards over and everything seems to have gone pete tong...)

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
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