Any 1 had this issue with there mouse?

i have been sent a mouse for review and im a bit stummped by its behavior.
i plug it in and it seems to work fin then when i switch up the dpi the keys on my keyboard stop responding.
they are both usb and i have tried with another g11 keyboard and get the same result...
i will later be removing my rat 7 drivers to see if they are the issue but i did try without the rat plugged in and i have tried other usb sockets all with the same results.

i dont have any software just yet as the manufacture forgot to send it and i dont have access to the section on there site where they keep the unreleased stuff just yet...
so all i can do is remove the drivers and plug in the mouse to let windows discover it.
1 other thing. the mouse may well be damaged as the packaging was the shape of a football and was virtually unrecognizable as a box. the inner box was also damaged with the moulded plastic that covers new mice pretty much shattered. so im guessing it may well be the mouse just couldn't take the punishment it has been given on its journey from the factory in china.
the mouse doesnt look like its been damaged but you never know as they can be pretty brittle if some 1 decided they needed a football for teabreak.

so yeah, any 1 else had this issue specifically?. what did you do to cure it?.
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    thats strange, im using a rat5,freq 5 and cyborg 5.1

    best thing to do is remove all keyboard,mouse drivers and try again

    click start

    right-click computer

    click manage

    then device manager

    then view at top and view hidden

    then right-click on mouse and keyboard and uninstall

    then plug back in and windows should reinstall.

    i havent had that issue since i had a Microsoft wireless keyboard
  2. Does the keyboard have a build in usb hub? Logitech has had some compatibility issues with their keyboards that have a build in hub and higher than average powered peripherals, even when they are plugged directly into the PC. This problem is most common on x58 based motherboards. I was able to solve this issue by plugging my keyboard into a eSata 3.0 slot with my mouse in an USB 2.0 slot.
  3. yeah it has 2 usb connectors. no internal hardware for it though and i plug the mouse into the pc not the keyboard.
    it runs at 500ma max and it itself uses 100ma. 1 thing that is odd about the mouse it uses 16 bit bandwidth while normal mice use 8bit.
    but i will try all suggestions given so far...
    esata? odd choice for usb connectivity... my keyboard wont fit in that so i guess you used a converter block of some sort... will look int that... as i dont want to risk blowing a £100+ mechanical keyboard for a free mouse.
  4. so after playing around with it for a while i notice that the button above the mouse wheel shuts down the current window but if you press it again it opens up but without accepting keyboard input. but if you close it down than use left click on the tab bar the keyboard works as normal... my guess is what i saw as a bug may well be a user feature.
    bit odd but you never know... i will have to wait till i get the instruction manual and user files off the company that sent me this for review...
    honestly i though it broken after i saw the state of the packaging... looks like i just needed to understand it.
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