OpenGL Driver Lost Connection - error code 7 in Minecraft

Hello everybody

I hope I'm in the right thread for this:

For a few weeks im getting a Problem whilst playing Minecraft. After a few seconds of being ingame the game freezes and gives me the infamous "OpenGl Driver lost connection....Error Code 7". The whole system stays frozen for another 30 seconds and then starts working "almost" normally again (no bluescreens or shut downs) except for flash content i.e. youtube. The Error occures especially when I have youtube videos running in the background. (But i believe to remember it happening also without).

This is what I tried so far:

Raising the TdrDelay in the registry
reinstalling different GPU drivers, including various beta drivers
reinstalling minecraft & java (both javas: 32bit and 64bit)
Flashing MoBo BIOS
Fresh System install (every drive has been formated)
Setting the Nvidia options to maximum performance and disabled threaded optimization

This problem only occurs with Minecraft and no other games i tried so far. Even FurMark (which runs on OpenGL i believe) works absolutely fine. Temperatures whilst gaming are normal.

My system:
ASUS P8Z68-v pro
intel i7 2600k
2x nvidia 570GTX in SLI (SLI is used for 2D Surround)
Corsair Force GT 120GB
16GB of RAM

I really don't know anything more what i could do - I hope you guys have some Ideas i could try!
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  1. sounds like a driver stability issue. either down to mincraft being a little buggy (it seems to be the amount of patches and new versions they release.) or the driver your using may need updating on the opengl side. look here for updates.
  2. Like I said - i allready tried different drivers and am currently using the newest one and the OpenGL is included in the driver (as far as I know this is actually the only way to install openGL).

    I might want to add the following: it was temporarily working with minecraft 1.4.2 combined with the BETA driver 310.33. But after updating to 1.4.5. the 310.33 stopped working and i updated to the current 310.64 BETA but without success.
  3. its not unherd of for a game to be broken with an update. microsoft themselves have broken windows a few times with there updates so if they can do it any company can... all i would add is you need to get on to the mine craft forums and tell them your issue...
    swap back to both the old version of the game and the older drivers till its sorted out or a new update becomes available.
  4. Well, that is what i have to do anyway. But I was still hoping someone might have another idea i could try. I heard of someone who fixed the same bug with rivatuner by modifing the OpenGL settings, but rivatuner isn't available for my driver version. Does anyone know about another program capable of such changes?

    This is the thread I'm talking about (German - but it has pictures on the last post about the rivatuner settings:
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