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I'm a big fan of the classic CoD and BF 1942 style games based on WWII, but those are beginning to get a bit outdated. Are there any newer games that are decent and based on that time period? I also have CoD 1 and BF1942 which are very common plays for me, I'm just looking for something else to branch out to. WaW was also considered but I'm not really a big fan of that game.
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  1. Have you tried Red Orchestra 2? Its pretty hardcore but its the only recent game I can think of set in that era.
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    Older but still great and different are the Commandos games (1 and 2 not 3). Similar to those and slightly newer are the Company of Heroes games. For an aerial approach IL-2 is constantly updating it's WWII sims so long as you don't mind flying as a Red on the Eastern Front. There also 'might' be a some new Brother's In Arms titles out there which are cool in that they focus on real events putting you in the shoes (boots) of the real soldiers that experienced them. I'll check in if I think of any more as I love the genre but my system can't handle much beyond 2008.
  3. That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks to both of you. My system can't handle hardly anything at all right now, but I'm building one soon so I'm looking for a nice list of games to try. I haven't tried any of those at all, other than Company of Heroes. I'm looking for more of an FPS style game, and I'm definitely going to look into Brother's In Arms and the Commandos games. Even Red Orchestra 2 probably.
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