OC a 1.8 and a 733

I have a 1.8GHz (FSB 100MHZ * 18) to 2.2GHz by increasing the FSB to 121. To keep it stable I have increased the voltage to 1.6, up from 1.5. I have the default HSF and two outake fans for the case. I have two questions:
1) Have I done this right and can I OC any farther?
-I use 3DMark01 to check on my hardware and it states a maximum of 2.4 for my chip. Is that correct and is it possible to go beyond 2.4? If so how best to?
2) I ran a prime95 torture test and after 8 hours found it said I had insufficient memory (I have Samsung 1x512MB PC2700) Is this a problem and if so how do I correct it?

(A problem I have noticed recently is my computer freezes all functions for 15secs then continues as if it didn't happen)

The other machine we have is 733MHz (133MHx *5.5) and is overloaded and could use some more speed IMHO. How best to go about this? I am not as confident OC an older machine and I am not sure how far to push it... also it has a HSF but no case fans plus the case is not as good as the afore mentioned machine so the cooling potential is lower.

Thanks for any assitence you could give me.

I have a P4S533<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by badger86 on 06/05/03 10:06 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. You probably will get 2400 easy with 133 fsb.I have a 1.6a cpu running 2400 @ 150 fsb use 133 for corect pci setings and default ram speeds . ps I have the same board p4s533 on board sound /lan. samsung pc2700 512M. good luck ps my temp is 42C idel 1.5v
  2. oh ya 733 on asus tusim 150 x 5.5 =825 it runs ok now
  3. Thanks. What type of cooling do you have or is the default HSF and 2 case fans good enough to OC to 2.4? Also do you know anything about the insufficient memory?
  4. I'm using the stock cooling fan with good thermal paste I removed the thermal pad thow. I have a 80mm fan mod on the back more air and it its quiet! . Thats all.Your mem ??dont really know. Try Your fsb at 133 with default voltage it than doesent work try 1.6 volts I wouldent really push it more than 1.65 I tried to go to 2560mhz with 1.7v and weard stuff was hapning with my cpu voltage so I backed off!!. Use default memory timeings for now when it is stable fiddle around a bit but you might have to reset the bios "jumper pin" it you lock up the bios . good luck tell me how things turn out .
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