Windows 7 expireince wont complete, also cant play "Risen"

I built a new computer recently.
i7 860
Gigabyte p55 ud3r
4 gig ddr 1600 "G.Skill
Corsair 750 wt pw supp
2 wd 640 hd "non-raid"
1 320 gig wd hd
2 dvd-rw 1 @ 16X 1 @ 22x "one was from old system 22x is new"
8800gts 640 meg "I know the cards not the best, from old system too"
coolermaster 212 plus
LIAN LI PC-62 Silver Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Technet license key

Anyways, I have re-installed all system drivers, video drivers, you name it. Done updates for the OS etc.
When I try to run windows experience it always fails at the end "Sorry I'm not on my home computer and don't know the exact error".
What would cause this? Any theories? I have swapped out video cards with a 8600gts and it does the same thing. Tried new nvidia drivers as well.
I will be slicking my machine and re-building it this weekend when my retail copy or win 7 pro comes in the mail.
Also. I downloaded "Risen" from steam and I can never register the game on this pc or play it it keeps looking for a cd for the game lol.
But after 4 days of no help from either steam or deep silver I copied all the steam files and risen game files to my AMD phenom 2 x2 240 machine and installed steam there and it ran and registered fine. Go figure. Both machines were built new 2 weeks old lol

Toss me some ideas on both please. I'm tired of banging my head on these problems and come to these forums as a long time reader so I know you all have a ton of great knowledge.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Have tried looking in the event viewer?
  3. When the Windows Experience is updating the popup window tells what component it is testing, CPU, RAM, Graphics, HDD.

    As a starting point you might monitor that window to see what component was being evaluated when it stops running.

    Also, You said, "Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Technet license key"
    Did you download and burn the ISO from Technet also?
  4. Yes I downlaoded and burned windows 7 ultimate from Technet and installed it "Clean" from the dic I made. Maybe something got corrupt when I installed?
    I used the same disc to install on a lesser computer "Diff lisc. key" And it runs everything perfect. I will check the error for the windows Exp tonight when It fails "When I get home from work"

    I will pull up the event viewer as well,
    thanks Kidhorn and Knotknut.
  5. For best results always burn an Operating System Disk at slow speed.

    I have installed Windows7 maybe 6 times so far. None of the installations required me to install ANY drivers. Device Manager all clear, no conflcts/yellow marks.
    I did however update Video Card drivers only and got better performance.

    Night before last Windows Update gave me a Realtek network driver update.
    I installed it and lost my network connection.
    To shorten the story I deleted the driver from Device Manager and reboot . On start up Windows7 "Found New Device" and re-installed its own driver. Problem solved.

    So what I'm saying is try your fresh install this weekend with the drivers Windows7 installs for you. Go to Device Manager. If there are not any Yellow Marks dont install any other drivers ( like from the MB Disk )
  6. Ok thanks.
    The event viewer didn't list anything when the windows exp failed. It always seems to do every test then the error comes up
    Couldn't complete assessment.
    "This is due to an error being reported from the operating system, driver or other component."
    I guess I will see how a fresh install works this weekedn
  7. Go to Device Manager, you do not want to see any Yellow exclamation marks.

    Start> Right click My Computer > Properties > upper left corner "Device Manager"
  8. under device manager there are no yellow question marks. :( I also checked show hidden devices just in case there was something hidden, nope :(
    It seems to be a driver issue though, why else wouldn't it complete. right knotknut?
  9. Well, I slicked the machine and re-installed "using another technet win 7 install disk. i tried running the windows exp without installing a single drivre, just with what windows7 installed by default, nope no good. The I installed all system drivers no good.Everything else runs super on this machine, games, video encoding etc. I just can't get windows exp to run lol still. I give up.
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