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So here we go again, another 'gaming' headset thread like you probably have seen so many times. I have 80pounds rougly 130dollars i think but anyways i need some help choosing. before you go dont say turtle beach or steelseries because i dont want either ok? and is it true razer products break easy because i love the look of razer tiamat 2.2 and i dont mind having to take them off for a bit because of heat, but if they wont last 1-2years i dont want to spend that much money on them :/ Any suggestions are welcome except from obviously steelseries and turtle beach but anyways thanks in advance for any help/suggestions and i suck at making threads LOL :bounce:
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  1. razer tiamat 2.2 have inline controls and this is nearly always a weak point on most headsets that have em.
    razer do some ok headsets if you pick the more robust looking 1s but the stripped down skelital 1s are prone to breaking as the majority of them are plastic.
    for your budget the stenhiesers 320 or 333 will fit the bill , very good sound and great build quality... the 333 are binaural so will work with dolby surround.
  2. I was recently asking about a gaming headset myself on another forum and got a pretty good answer. I'm just going to copy and paste his answer.
    Well hellooooooooooo my favorite thread that resurfaces so often, I've missed you. It has been a while, how nice of you to keep in touch.

    "First things first:

    What you don't want to do is buy anything (for the most part) that is labeled a "headset." Most products on the market labeled as headsets use cheap mics, cheap headphones, put them together and price them at a huge premium.

    The majority of headsets use mics that you can buy yourself for $10-15. So what I recommend, as I do to everyone, is to buy yourself one of these cheap mics and pair it with a really good set of entry level headphones like the HD 555's or HD 558's.

    The 555's you can open up the ears to and pull out a piece of foam that will make them sound like the higher model 595.

    However, usually this combo won't run you more than $100-120 total, but for some reason it will right now. If you can't find the 555's for 100-120 somewhere else, then I would recommend the PC350's mentioned above. They are one of the only "headsets" I actually trust, but that's due to the brand name and that brand caring more about sound quality more than anything else. Most microphones will give you the same voice quality, there really isn't too much difference in that department. So my suggestion is always go cheap on voice and big on sound.

    Try to avoid Razer and steelseries products. They are designed to last for a certain amount of time (sometimes less than a year) before they inevitably fail. I went through hundreds of dollars of cheap headsets from the 20-80 dollar range before I finally grew some balls and invested in something that will last. Beware though, once your ears feel the difference, you'll want to spend more. My current phones are the HD 650's and boy are they godlike.

    Happy hunting. "
    This was from Boyiee over at Bluegartr.com
  3. lol the stenhiesers i recommended above are direct replacements for the 555 and 558 both of which were great headsets that are pretty difficult to get hold of now. but 3 years ago they were the headset to have for gamers.
    stenhiesers have earned a great rep among gamers who know. although a lot of audiophiles would say technica or similar, i believe that for gaming theres are the better option. they may not offer the best in range but the range they do offer is specific for games. its all well and good having 10hz-40khz but if you cant pick out footsteps while the world explodes around you then the headphones are useless.
    better to get a headset with a slightly narrower mid range which is where most of the game audio is placed.
    it will then become defined and distinct from the very low and very high that tend to take place in the distance.
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