How do i make my game run faster on my laptop

I have Fallout: New Vegas for my laptop (Sony E Series- model PCG-61611L). Its running pretty slowly (lagging a good bit too), & i was just wondering what i gotta do to make it run smoother & hopefully faster.
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  1. Specs for the system? Assuming it's an average laptop and you've just got a below average integrated graphics card, you're probably not going to end up getting a decent performance at all.

    That being said, somewhere in your control panel go to system > advanced system settings > performance and tick the circle that says adjust for best performance. This will make it not look nearly as pretty but you'll see a slight difference in performance. Also, I'm not sure what kind of a rep it has around here but I use Game Booster and I think it has a decent effect on my performance.

    I'd also say, rather obviously, make sure you're running on minimum settings unless you can get it running better.
  2. Nothing much you can do. Other than to lower the resolution if graphic settings are already set to low. Try 800x600 resolution.

    It seems your laptop has Radeon HD 4250 integrated graphics. It is really low performance graphic chip even compared to other more current integrated graphics. For example, the Intel HD 3000 found in all laptops with a 2nd generation "Sandy Bridge" CPUs can easily outperform the Radeon HD 4250 which is actually based on the older Radeon HD 3xxx graphics core. The Intel HD 3000 is not considered particularly fast either.

    Sadly, the only way to really get better performance is to buy a new laptop. And if you are buying a laptop for games, I generally recommend spending an extra $100 above your actual maximum budget to get something with a good graphics card.
  3. You can use a mod that improves performance like the following:

    You can also try the following ATI/AMD graphic card fix.
  4. you wont be able to do much because that lappy isnt particularly suited to gaming.
    you may get 1-2 fps boost with running stuff like game booster but its unlikely you will manage playable fps at any settings on that.
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