Steam Reading games off wrong drive

I Transferred all my steam files from drive F to my new drive G and then installed steam on drive G and told it to use drive G as the main drive.

For whatever reason it is still looking for some games on drive F (Not all my games but a select few)

My question is, how do i make steam look for ALL my games on drive G?

My games on drive F got deleted when i uninstalled steam (For some reason someone thought that would be a good idea)
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  1. i had recently installed windows 8 on a seperate drive and just re-installed steam on the new drive, to get it to see all the games that were installed on the last drive.

    if you go in to your registry and look for Valve or Steam, there will be about 5 entries that will show the current launch directories and game install directories, all you need to do is change them.

    i think the registery tree it is under is either CURRENT_USER or LOCAL_MACHINE, just check both.
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    I moved my Steam games last week onto my D Drive. Steam has simple instructions on how to do this.

    Navigate to your Steam folder. Make a backup copy of your Steamapps folder (just in case it goes belly up). Delete everything inside your Steam folder EXCEPT for Steam.exe AND Steamapps folder. Move whats left of your Steam folder (a bit lighter now) to your desired location. Run the Steam.exe . Voila !! Steam will now install all of your games on your other drive.
  3. Thanks for the quick replys!

    I'll give it a go tonight when i get home.

    I'll Keep you posted!
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