Crysis3 on older hardware? good news :)

Yougamers has the gameometer update to assess your Pc for C3 Gameometer
so I thought I'd check out my potential,
two Asus6950 2Gb@ stock
8Gb of 1600 Ram
**Edit, at stock on the cpu (3.6GHz) I got a Cpu/Gpu warning, could play but they were below the optimum recommmended, a quick reboot solved that though so it looks like a stock 975 will bottleneck the 6950's as once its clocked theres no problems :P

Looks like I'll be ok running it, how is everyone else set?

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  1. Come on You mysterious voters!
    post system specs so folks know what you're rocking
  2. it should run as well as the first 2 on my sig setup as i bought it to max crysis 1 out.
    it did that with 3 fps to spare. crysis 2 on the other hand runs better and with higher fps so i cant see my system not coping at high settings.
  3. Bought my Overkill edition, just waiting for Feb22 now :)
  4. I am above recommended but below the "Hi-Spec" thing. Apparently "Hi-Spec" is a 680/7970 or better. Recommended is 560/5870. So I guess I'll be playing on high-ish with my 7870/i7.
  5. I too would be around highish with my 7850/i3 combo. Looks like its a good thing I just ditched my gts 450.
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