Bf3 downloads/updates won't complete

the caption says it. so today (4.12) aftermath came out and i just couldn't download it.
whenever it reached 99% it'd just jump straight back to 74% again and again and again.
after 5 long, frustrating and nerve wrecking hours aftermath finally installed, but i couldn't play it. whenever i launch it it will give me a black screen, with a flickering "loading" at the bottom left, and that's it.
repair install? yeah, alright. it said 30 minutes, took 1 hour, and again, reached 99% and jump straight back, this time to 30%.
this happened in armored kill as well but at least the expansion worked in that case.
i just want to say that i am tired, frustrated and pissed like a raging bull, and all i want is to play this stupid game i payed so much for.
quick replies will be welcome.
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  1. what do you mean?
  2. it's not that bf3's stupid, it's the god-damn origin. and i don't want a fan war, i just need help
  3. lol dude it's ok i'm not mad.
    at YOU at least.
  4. no dude.. it's al right.. i am not mad at you.. i' mad at origin!
  6. how do you use internet download manager with it if its on origin?
  7. Quote:
    Use IDM (internet download manager)

    How do you use IDM???
  8. How do you use IDM with origin????
  9. Try this torrent download of the latest update:
    (Although, I don't know how to install it, I'm guessing just copy the files to the update folder)

    Apparently dodo ISP users such as myself are experiencing this problem.
  10. well i think the server overload is what causing this to happen. anyway i got it installed eventually but it still really annoying.
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