Far Cry 3 massive framerate drops when looking out to the sea

Hey guys,

Far Cry 3 runs fine with my i5 2400 and Radeon 6870 except when I look out to the ocean. The frames immediately drop from around 30-50 to single digits. I have the latest drivers installed, 12.11 CAP 2 and the latest game patch. I tried lowering the settings but there is always that extremely annoying fps drop.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,
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  1. Was this always a problem? Or did it suddenly start?
  2. it was always a problem, I just bought the game today.
  3. Can you turn down the water quality ?? I haven't bought Far Cry 3 yet, but I'd start with that or reflections to see what happens.
  4. I think the water might be using DX11 Tessellation, which is usually pretty ok but this game isn't optimised too well so Tessellation can have a great effect on performance. Not much you can do except turn down the water quality.
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    In video quality options turn "Post FX" to low. Made a massive overall difference in performance to me.

    After much aggravation narrowed it down to that single option really messing up most peoples FPS issues. Not sure if it's a bug or not.

    Hope this works!
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  7. thanks, as soon as i turned post fx to low it made a world of difference :)
  8. You can fix fps drop during camera motion by install HiAlgoBoost. Try it from
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