[HELP] Xbox black and white monitor?

Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, but this fits the category.

I bought this cord from ebay and I hooked up my xbox to it via the S-Video, and the video female cables.

I then hooked the VGA cable to my monitor, turned on the xbox, only to get a yellow tinted screen.

I could see everything kind of clear, but every color had a certain color of yellow.

It's just like a black and white photo, but replace the white with light yellow, and replace the black with dark yellow.

When I unplug the Video cable (the yellow one) the screen will turn a tinted turquoise.

What could I do to fix this, I have my VGA cable plugged in all the way.
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  1. Yellow is the composite video signal, white is the left audio input to the tv and black will be the right audio input for the tv. The red,green, and blue are used for a HD signal composite input with the white and black leads in the audio left and right. That adapter will not work.
    You need an xbox 360 Proprity D port cable with a 15pin D-sub to the monitor if you are using one. or buy this

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