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So my PC specs are 8GB DDR2 RAM, AMD Phenom x4 2.3GHz, X-Fi Titanium Sound Card, and now a EVGA GTX 650 Ti SSC 2GB Edition GPU. I know the CPU is a bottleneck because I should be playing at 30-45FPS on FC3 but im averaging 20-30 on maxed settings DX11. Considering I paid 165$ for the GTX 650 Ti, is the price I paid worth it when my old 8800GT could run it 25-35FPS on DX9 Very High but 720p Settings (Very High being 4th highest out of 5 Presets) The new card is using between 50% - 75% Load for these settings due to the FPS being limited by the CPU. Was the GTX 650 Ti a worthy upgrade for the price? The 2GB of VRAM is a nice feature for me seeing how I have a multi monitor setup but the CPU bottleneck is making me kinda regret getting the GTX. I think a standard 2GB GTX 650 would of been optimal but I have the Ti already. Was it a decent enough performance boost to justify the price?
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    OC that GPU and CPU to help get higher FPS. the 650ti is an ok card but it's going to run out of steam on these heavier titles.

    Going to a higher res and higher details is a big step up so it was worth it.

    Maybe just get a new CPU cooler and take it much higher.
  5. Also please don't post walls of text. It's very hard to read and is probably the reason no-one has helped you yet.
  6. Only you know if it was worth it. My feeling is not really.

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  8. Run DX9 instead of 11. Also the post processing and junk will destroy your FPS, use a custom video graphics setting with; post processing, shadow, and geometry on low. It's always gonna be DX11 that's killing your framerate though, I can play FC3 totally maxed out on my GTS250 lol.
  9. there is possibility switch to max setting by hialgoboost :)
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