COD:BO2 not responding!!!!

i have just installed call of duty black ops 2,but whenever i run it,a black screen just appears and when i go to the task manager,it says game is not responding.......can anyone help?i dont tjink its my graphics as i have nvidia 640m and an i7 processor with 8gb ram
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  1. Your CPU + GPU should be fine. However, if you know how, update your BIOS. It seems to be fixing a lot of issues people are having with this game. I know it sounds odd but just do it...

    Goes without saying that you should try and reinstall (the latest) nvidia drivers first and see if that fixes it.

    Hope this helps.
  2. If above solution doesn't fix your problem, this may be worth a try:

    Checking File Intergrity
    Launch Steam > Go into Library > Find Black Ops Singleplayer/Multiplayer/Zombies > Right Click on Black Ops 2 Singleplayer > Properties > Go into "Local Files" Tab > Click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" > Wait for Process to finish > Repeat for Multiplayer & Zombies. Launch the game again and see if your problem is fixed.

    This checks all the files that the game requires, and makes sure that they are all there. I had a problem and my Black Ops II did not install correctly, I followed those instructions and Steam downloaded the needed files and my game worked correctly. Good Luck!
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