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Hi all , I am asking for your advice because I was between buying a console (PS360) or a Gaming Rig. Here's the thing , PS3 160 GB with 1TB external HDD loaded with games (USS 950) Xbox 360 slim 320gb with jtag and 10 games loaded (US$ 850)but I would have to get the games and buy an external HDD for backup matters.

On the other hand , I was planning to build a gaming rig in about a year , because I have a mid/high end gaming rig from late 2005 (AMD Athlon 3200 , 1gb ram , ATI 9600 Family Edition) and a laptop with a dual core processor that I use to play games up to Nintendo DS.

I also own a PSX PS2 and Wii

What clicked on me was that my old rig (in it's prime) could run games like Quake 4 and Far Cry with mid settings. And those are early PS3/360 games at the graphic level.

To sum up , ain't 950 Bucks cash a lot of money for 2006 technology? Ain't a better investment a gaming rig once the new generation consoles are released and the graphic bottleneck that consoles make pc suffer is no more?

Besides , I am going to spend that money in a year and who knows the power computers will have in a year.

Take into account that I live in Argentina and things are twice as expensive as in the US.

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  1. I would choose PC.

    1. Windows 8
    2. PC does everything that a console can
    3. Upgradable
    4. Will save your TV

    Why do you want a console?

    Get a good display, controller and graphics card instead.
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