A couple of updates on Solyndra

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  1. http://thinkprogress.org/romm/2011/09/13/317594/timeline-bush-administration-solyndra-loan-guarantee/?mobile=nc


    I don't understand why you aren't more upset with Bush, this was literally his idea (Or Cheney, God I miss those jokes). Lets think about it for a minute. You are a new president first day in the office you get your congratulatory letter from Bush Jr. welcoming you. You think thats it? No Bushes teams were prepping Obama bringing him up to speed on the Financial world collapsing.

    You were told about a BUSH initiative to drive green energy and you follow through what Bush started. And one part of it failed, so is it 100% Bushes fault or 100% Obama's fault? Or a nice mix of both?
  2. Some have been forgetting that for years now, mainly Mr B.O.
  3. All Im pointing out is this wasn't simply Obama he finished what Bush had started.
  4. But to say Bushs economic policies had NOTHING to do with this is kind of naive. Its pretty well documented that the bailout was started by Bush and finished by Obama.

    I don't agree with the bailouts

    I guess its easier for some folks to blame one person, but I like the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Maybe some people cant handle.......the truth.
  5. I do remember that solyndra was expected to go under, and not to go forwards with this, at least with them.
    That was Obama, tho Bush started it, you know, Bush the oil monger...
  6. omg, haven't you heard? The way the liberals are still blaming everything one Bush, this must be Bush's third term.
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