HDMI-VGA cable for PS3

So i got my PS3 plugged into my big tv screen [which is realy hard to play because its realy high and my eyes hurts after playng]
so i want to cable the PS3 to my PC screen but it doesnt have anyplace to cable the HDMI [only VGA]
its got 4 inputs behind my screen which says auidio 1 audio 2 pc audio and audio output so im pretty sure the pc makes sound
so if ill buy a HDMI-VGA cable or monitor or whatever will it work?
and if il cable it to the vga port with a HDMI-VGA cable or monitor will my pc screen play the sound?
and will it change the PS3 graphics?
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  1. It's not possible. No such thing exsists.
  2. Like this one?


    VGA cables do not transfer sound, however, but HDMI cables do...I'm gonna go ahead and assume that the combination cable won't transfer sound.
  3. It doesn't do sound.

    I think they are designed for VGA to HDMI ie the opposite way you want.
  4. You need a converter that converts the HDMI's digital signal to VGA's analogue signal, it should also provide a audio connector.

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