Battlefield 3 Aftermath wont install properly (PC version)

Hi, I hope someone can help me get my Battlefield 3 game working with Aftermath. The game was working fine with Armored Assault.

These are the steps I have gone through:
1) Downloaded the 3.8GB Aftermath expansion pack
2) Game didn't work so I made a backup of the Update folder
3) Re-installed the game and replaced the update folder
4) In origin, I installed each expansion set
5) When I try play the game it opens battlelog and says update available
6) When I click on the icon it reloads battlelog
7) Message says waiting for you to finish installation and doesnt do anything after that

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  1. I am in the same boat. BF3 always worked perfect and after downloading Aftermath Origin is asking me to update my version of windows or it will give me Direct X signature error. So I have removed BF3 and I am attempting to reinstall BF3 and is starts downloading, I get to 99% and it drops back down to 94%. This will continue for hours. I deleted Origin and Bf3 (removed) and started again, same problem. My virus software is off and windows is completely up to date????
  2. Additionally that was my original problem it kept saying updates available over and over again. This is so frustrating because I never have problems with games.
  3. I got my battlefield 3 to finally work! In Origin I right clicked on the game icon to bring up an option to repair installation. Did the job for me!!
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