I am Moving to the US, Do I keep all my uplay games? (PLEASE HELP)

Hello guys, I live in Australia and I am going to be moving to the united states soon, I have a ton of games on my uplay library and I was wondering if when I move to America will those games still be in my library if I log into the same account but in a new country?
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  1. Yes it should, since it would not matter where you are in the world. If the service is a digital locker system to store all the games you bought and are stored on it for download to install on your pc.
  2. You'll be fine, a mate of mine went from UK to Oz last year and all his steam/Origin stuff was intact
  3. Yes but what about Uplay? I don't really trust ubisoft.
  4. If you take the poster above mines statement and add it to mine, we said you are fine, its digital, online, there are no country restrictions between the Us and Aus (China is a country with restrictions for example), and I've an example of migratory access being fine,
    the only other way to confirm it would be to post a ticket on ubi's helpline,
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