cds wont burn after win7 upgrade


I have a dell 170xl that i recently upgraded to win7 and I cannot get it to burn. it continues to give me an error. can you please tell me how to fix this
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  2. What does the error say? What program are you using to burn files?
  3. i was burning in windows media player but installed that.

    the burner is a samsung sh222a and I tried to burn in windows explorer.

    its seem to burn but gives me an error stating i need to update the firmware.

    i tried to do that in samsung website but when I run the program it states
    cant not find suitable drive f/w
  4. and also when i try to insert a cd/dvd and play it from the drive it restarts the computer. even tried to hook up an external dvd burner and did the same thing. shut down when i tried to play the dvd.
  5. what did you update driver installation dell 170X for Win7 ?
    install use USB drive !
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