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i just got a new laser mouse and i like my sensativity low but i have to pick up my mouse and move it when im playing but the mouse still picks up my mouse pad when i pick it up and the curser is moving all over the place can i lower how far away the mouse picks up objects
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  1. depends on your mouse

    if it came with software look in there

    my corsair m60 software allows you to adjust the lift height
  2. im not sure my dad came home with it. it a staples mouse its number 17537 it name is just laser mouse
  3. its unlikely un less its a high end mouse which has had a firmware update made available to fix that issue.
    its called lift off most gaming mice have a lift off between 1 and 5 mm if its a good mouse. a not so good 1 will have between 10 and 20mm+ all you can really do to combat it is turn up the sensetivtiy to about the same size as your screen. (which will reduce the amount of times you will need to lift off and reset the mouse to the middel of the mat) or at least match the the screens ratio. either 5-4 or 16/9 if you cant do either then you either learn to live with it, try to find a surface that allows the laser to pass through it and reflect off something under neath such as a glass top with white paper under it. make 1 from a picture frame by removing the glass and taking some paper on the back the your mouse will send the laser off the paper but the glass will act as a spacer reducing the real distance of the liftoff. its not the best idea but it does workj with mice that dont read glass (more often its doable with an optical mouse but some laser mice also allow it) dont forget that you will need to tape up any sharp edges.
    lastly get a different mouse.
  4. ok thanks i read that you can put some clear tape over it and that will fix it ill try them both if thy dont work im going back to my old mouse and i have one more question why doesn't my mouse have a laser like theres no read light coming out of the mouse
  5. optical mice use a red high power led not a lazer. you cont need to see either of em but the led is red to differentiate it from a laser mouse just by looking. a laser is much more accurate so higher dpi's can be reached for less or equal money. optical mice tend to be cheaper than lazer mice.
    the problem with yours is, its ultra cheap. and has a poor quality lens on. i recomend you take it back and say its faulty if the liftoff is to great. i would. then spend my money on a better mouse for gaming... you will want to spend at a minimum of $30 on something like a logitech g400 the best basic gaming mouse for the money... it out perfoms many more expensive mice. for a lot less money.
    just because something looks nice doesnt mean its actually good... so next time read up b4 you go wasting money on useless crap from staples.
    they over charge fro garbage... they rely on customers who know nothing and take advantage of it...
  6. Overclock's mice subforum has a lot of good info about tape-fixes and things like that. As far as mice with adjustable LOD's, I can't think of too many that have that function through software, and the ones that do you can definitely say have too much software for their own good. lol
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