Benchmarking and Performance testing programs??

Okay I want to run my PC through some good Performance tests and Benchmark tests. From reading the THG's articles and reviews I see some of the different software out there for this stuff. What I was wondering is what is the MOST popular testing and performance programs and what order do I run them in? Are they all free too?

I basically want to put my computer to the test when my new Antec TrueControl550w PSU comes in and I also want to benchmark some things. I think I might try overclocking the old slug a little bit..

My system:
P3 850mhz (100fsb), 512 Micron PC133, Abit SE6, IBM Deskstar 75gxp (60 gig @ 7200rpm), Hercules 3D Prophet 2 GTS (64 meg), SB Live MP3, Pioneer 16x DVD, Asus 45x CD-Rom
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  1. Hmmm... SiSoft SANDRA is often used. So is the 3D benchmark 3DMark2001SE. You can also try PCMark2002 although it isn't very populair among some.

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
  2. <A HREF=" " target="_new">SiSoft Sandra!</A>
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