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p4 2.4c or p4 2.8c... what's better for future OC

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June 23, 2003 2:45:47 PM

Well I am going to order my new parts today because my old P3 motherboard went out on me the other night. I am going to get the Abit IS7 motherboard and I need either the p4 2.4c or the p4 2.8c chip. What I am having a hard time deciding is if it's worth the extra $100 bucks for the 2.8c or not? What chip would you recommend I go with for a future Over Clocking?

And how high would I be able to go with both of these chips using regular Air Cooling?

And also for the Ram would should I go with... Kingston HyperX 3500 Pair or the Cosair TwinX 3700.. I believe the Kingston has much lower latency timings but I hear everybody saying that the Cosair is better... what should I get..?


My system:
P3 850mhz (100fsb), 512 Micron PC133, Abit SE6, IBM Deskstar 75gxp (60 gig @ 7200rpm), Hercules 3D Prophet 2 GTS (64 meg), SB Live MP3, Pioneer 16x DVD, Asus 45x CD-Rom

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June 24, 2003 4:37:09 AM

They both overclock well. With the 2.4C at 3.0GHz, you'll have your bus speed at 250MHz (QDR1000), which is a bit of a stretch for PC3200/3500, etc. But you can run it with the CPU:RAM bus ratio of 5:4 to get the memory back to PC3200 speed...

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