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I am buying a new computer with Raid capability and sata drives. Should I set up a "Raid O" with 2 sata drives and the system on a normal 133 ata drive, OR put the system on one SATA drive and set up a "RAID 0" on two 133 ata drives.
In other words, I realize SATA are faster but where will I use it most efficiently, on the main drive or the Array. Thank you for any help.
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  1. i'd run your OS on the single SATA HDD and run RAID 0 on your ATA133/100 drives for file storage. i use a WD 80GB w/8MB cache as a single drive on my primary IDE, with my OS and programs on that. i would use SATA if i had it. on the RAID 0 i have 2x Maxtor 200GB w/8MB cache, each having it's own cable and connection. this combination gives me a fast system with huge storage capacity.

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