Serious graphical issues in Skyrim

So I've posted this in other places and haven't really got much help, and after many a google search leading me to this site I decided to post for the first time. I have absolutely no idea what's going on with my Skyrim, I can play for a little while and then inevitably this will happen at some point. Here's an imgur gallery of some screenshots I took:

Now the problem used to be a lot worse but I went in and did a clean reinstall of SKSE and made sure all my mods were up to date. I don't have any issues like this with any other games. I also checked my temperatures during a 4 hour session in Skyrim (only stopping to restart the game when these graphical bugs started acting up) and my CPU only got up t o 65c and my video card only got up to 65c.

Has anyone out there seen anything like this at all? I really need some help with this here

Edit: had to get the imgur album link in the post

Edit 2: My hardware: CPU intel pentium g850, nvidia geforce gtx 460v2
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  1. Soda-88 said:

    I made sure that this wasn't an issue, my video card is currently using the 306.97 driver.
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