Black ops 2 or mohw

guys blacks ops2 or MOHW? mohw i can get it for $36(SG),limited edition ^^

Personally i have bf3 and black ops now,not a fan of cod but just asking! :)
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  1. Well I personally would suggest black ops 2 imo I think that it is the best cod since cod 4 and I heard that mohw sucks from pretty much everyone who owns it.
  2. Hi :)

    I just finished BLOPS 2 was buggy and generally awful...I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy...(or maybe I

    Not played MOHW no opinion on that one...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. if i had just those two choices BLops 2,

    MOHW was a terrible game and garbage to look at, i wasn't impressed at all with how the game mechanics worked.

    Just another cod BF hybrid is what it was.
  4. I didn't played MOH, but recently i bought COD Black Ops 2 for €24 at and i was pretty suprised. I saw a lot of negative opinions about it, but i can't agree with it. For me -story was interesting and the end of the game - rocks :D
  5. I would suggest Medal of Honor: Warfighter if you want a great game for single player and multiplayer. But be worn, multiplayer come some what be hard to find and be dead in a lot of playlists it seems. Story for this game was inspired by true events and felt like a cool movie that I was playing, and felt like Act of Valor inspired it. Realistic to me on how the army and humans runs.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II was terrible with difficulty on Veteran. It was garbage, a mess, sloppy. The other CoD games were much harder but this was dumb down. Story was kind of okay but just felt to generic and felt more like Modern Warfare 4: Black Ops Edition with Single Player, Multiplayer, and Zombies.

    That's how I felt though between the two so it's up to your tastes and what you like. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is not another Call of Duty/Battlefield hybrid. It's from the studio that made the very first World War II Medal of Honor game, and feels like the company wants to keep Medal of Honor up to date for the modern age in the second game since the reboot. Battlefield 3 on the other hand was more of a story teller on what game to the writers head. Hope this helps. =3
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