Assasins Creed Revelations - GTX 660 TI + i7 3770K


My Spec is in title.. have 8 GB Ram and 80 Watt Power supply.. When i try to play in full 1080p Res (+ Max in all Graphic options.. it goes very smooth..) it drops fps when i switch to nvidia 3d vision mode.. any suggestions???
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  1. in 3d mode it has to do twice as much work, 1x for left eye and 1x for right eye. Turn settings down, or get a better card.
  2. and an 80 Watt Power supply.. that is low????????????????????? why are you using a low Power supply !!!!!!!!!??????????????? get a higher Power supply like a 600 or 700 Watt
  3. I think he meant an 800 Watt power supply lol, 80 Watt wouldn't even run his CPU haha
  4. i am sorry its an 800 watt :)
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