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So I recently built my first computer with a i5 Ivy Bridge and a 560 TI graphics card. I got great FPS (90 on Ultra). However, the graphics card died within a few days. I got the graphics card on a Black Friday deal and the one I received is discontinued and out of stock. So I had to downgrade to the cheaper 560 non-TI, which is only one step down on the hierarchy. I ran the driver sweeper and cleared all of the old Nvidia drivers and re-installed them. Now when I run WoW on Ultra it starts out at around 60 and just plummets from there. I reduced the settings to Low and the FPS are just as low as on Ultra. My Skype conversation slows down. My latency seems to be fine, around 43ms, but this is REALLY frustrating. Does anyone know what's going on?
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  1. Do you have any addons running? Try disabling them and seeing if it helps.
  2. I disabled all, the frame rate was still really low. The more I've tried to fix this problem the slower it has gotten. I'm down to about 3 fps now...
  3. Okay something is definitely wrong. Are you connecting the monitor to the graphics card or the monitor?
  4. Graphics card.
  5. Maybe the gpu is not comatible with WOW
  6. ^
    That's nonsense.

    Anyway, did you connect both 6-pin power connectors from your power supply unit directly to the card?
  7. Yes, both 6-pin connecters are in.
  8. Could you download MSI Afterburner and check GPU usage during the lag with it?
  9. I haven't tried the MSI, however I noticed that when WoW is on my CPU usage is at 100%, while only 5% when it is closed. I'm not at all computer savvy, I have 8GB of RAM and this is a new i5, just built this last week.
  10. Sunius said:
    That's nonsense.

    Anyway, did you connect both 6-pin power connectors from your power supply unit directly to the card?

    Well days back with old games , this was a problem !
  11. Now my CPU usage is back down to 34% with WoW and the framerate seems fine. Not sure why?
  12. Oh I know what was at fault. I guess you have just installed the game? Last expansion, Blizzard implemented game updating during the gameplay: that way you can play and have the game updated at the same time. Since the update takes a long time, it makes sense to be able to play during it. However, if your internet connection is fast enough, it is able to download the update faster than to install it: hence the lag. I hope that clears it up a bit :).
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