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Hello,I have a PS3 and seems when i shoot (MW3) it doesnt kill my opponents when i ran a speed test through the game the results were
Down load 1.3 Mbps
Up load 334.6 Kbps
through a wireless braod band connection with a modem and wireless router ,
my PC results were
ping 236
Down load 2.79 Mbps
Up load 2.42 Mbps
on the same system , are my speeds to slow to play online ?
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  1. Ping is way too high. The speeds are OK, though.
  2. well the ping is on the pc when I run the test on the PS3 I dont see the ping ?
    but thanks for the response I appreciate I guess im just getting out gunned ...dam I was hoping it was the connection .... lol ......
  3. Like he said, your ping is pretty high for a shooter. Ping is how long it takes your internet to respond to the servers.. high ping=lag. Although your ping isnt to high that you cant play decently, but 1v1 if they get the jump youll most likely die to someone with lower ping.

    It looks like your net is a 3MB connection like mine.. and my ping is usually around 50ms.. so yours is much higher then it should be.. so youre getting about a 2 second delay(lag)
  4. Most multiplayer games on console are Peer2Peer based, so no matter what you do, you're gonna have more lag than on a pc.
  5. Its clear you have a lot of what we call jitter on the broadband line.
    Its most likely an ADSL connection through a telephone line. The connection is governed by the quality of the line since it is made of copper,and the distance from the local exchange and the strain put on it by other users.
    If the case you are better opting for a fiber optic connection if you can, untill then phone the Isp up see what they can do to improve it.
    Take the wireless out and use a wired Ethernet cable also it may help.
  6. Up load 334.6 Kbps is part of your PING problem.
    - Sounds like you're on a 3G Mobile Broadband service to me, as that's what I'd expect some carriers to limit upload to for a 3.5G service.

    You'll need 4 Mbps (4000 Kbps) upload if you're using a 3.5G/4.0G cellular Internet connection to play games on.

    Ideally Dual-Carrier 3G (HSPA or better) or 4G/LTE or Adv. LTE if it is available in your area.

    Alternatively, just get a xDSL or (good) cable service instead --- should be HEAPS cheaper.
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