xaser III temperature CPU sensor on P4 needs help!

Help, Hope any one else out there who has solved this little problem.
I just bought a Xaser III case from thermaltake, with a P4 2.8 CPU, How do I attached the "hardcano" temp probe to the center of the CPU,the probe is actually larger/longer then the cpu core.(the diagram,supplied by Termaltake uses an AMD CPU, with the sensor in the middle, connected outside the pins with very thin leads) Not very helpful.

Any suggestions would be helpful, as I have already e-mailed termaltake for help, but to no avail.
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  1. can't you monitor the temps with the built-in P4 sensor through your motherboard's software monitor? these are accurate by all accounts (no one mounts probes on P4s, believe me, i looked)
    mount it on the back of your graphics card, your hard drive, or somethin else you're interested in

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  2. I can do but I want to use the Xaser III's monitor's device which automatically increase fan speed (if u set it right) to keep the board and cpu at a reasonable temp.

  3. You could try to place it under the CPU... or at the side of the heatspreader. Or just somewhere under the HSF as close to the CPU as possible.

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
  4. you know I am looking to buy this same case and I was looking at the interactive demo on the thermaltake website.. I am wondering the same thing.. how the hell do they expect you to get that thermal probe in there.. I don't knnow how this would be accomplished.. please post back your finding and how to get it to work. I have the same p4 2.8c chip and am looking to do something about htis as well..

    Hey by the way.. what temps are you getting on your CPU and your case temps with that p4 2.8c chip? Also, if you have temps with an old case versus your temps with the new thermaltake case I would appreciate it. I want to see if this new case will really make a big difference in both case and cpu temps.. right now I am running at cpu idle = 41C and CPU Load = 58-65C and Case temp usually stays around 40C

    It will be interesting to read your report back..

    P4 2.8c (800fsb), Abit IS7, Kingston HyperX PC3500 (2 x 512mb), IBM Deskstar (60 gig @ 7200rpm)
    P3 850mhz (100fsb), Asus CUV4X, 620mb Micron PC133, WD 40gig 7200rpm
  5. Well I've only got my thermaltake less then a week, but I've got the rest of my system weeks ago, and I was testing out the new kit(so to speak) with my old case. Since u are interested in what I've got and if it make a difference?
    well, my current system spec are as follows,
    thermaltake xaser III v2000 with windows case
    Mitron liquid Neon caselight
    Antec true power 550wtts PSU
    p4 2.8 (800fsb)cpu with AEROFLOW TMD FAN(VP4C7040)
    OcZ 512 mb (256x2 dual DDR3500, but only runs at 400mhz)
    1x IBM 80GB HD
    2x Western digital 120GB (8mb cache mem) HD in a raid 0
    1x pioneer dvd/rw
    1x sony dvd-rom
    1x plextor 12/10/32 scsi cd/rw
    1x gigabyte radeon 9700 pro card
    1x symbios scsi card (old, yet reliable and runs hot)
    with rounded cable connections.
    ASUS P4C800 Deluxe I875P canterwood (really bare of usefull utilities, but I as sent it by mistake (I've ordered Asus P4P800 Deluxe P4 I865P chipset) not that I am complaining, mind you, actually o.k about it, but still, begger can't be choosers, I've got a better board.

    My old case, is a generic ultra tower (type, 6x5.25" bays,6x3.25" internal bays. stands about 2ft by 17" long by 7.5"wide).With 5 Fans (2back, 1 front, 2 at the side panel (self modded).
    It has all the above, except the P4, board and memory, it ran an old 1.2GHz AMD CPU clocked at 1.33GHz (could run it higher but it is most stable at 1.33), with 2x512mb 133 SDRAM, on an asus AV7133 board.

    At the moment, the old case on idle the with nothing heavy running, the AMD CPU runs at 58C, system runs at 32-34C. FULL Load AMD CPU runs at 62-66C, nothing more. The system temp is normally around 36-40C for full load.

    I've placed my new MB and system, in my old case, before my thermaltake arrived, it is surprisingly to note, that the P4 runs at with intel box standard HFS is normally around 44-46C on idle, but when I used the AeroFLow its cuts almost 5C off.
    On full load CPU with boxed intel go similar to your results, around 60-66C, but with the AeroFLow it is averaging around 55-60C.

    This is where it gets interesting, with the Termaltake case the AMD CPU temp remains about 3C LOWER at 55C, then my old case, but the system remains at a cool 30 C, but it is like a tornado, bloody loud (all 7 fans blowing (9 if u include PSU), then again, my old case was similar in noise).

    With the P4 the temp on idle are 37C, on full load 55-63C
    with system at 30C on Idle, and 34-38C maxed out. Ive got to workout the best fan speed ratio to get ride of the noise for maximum airflow.
    So all in all Termaltake actually work, but the margin are around 5-10C difference, depending on what u got, since my system is almost fully populated, it does make a big difference, to me anyway, well worth the money, I have not really maxed out the fans as yet, I want it to last a little bit longer, without the aircraft effect.

    Anyway back to the question, where am I putting the damn Sensor?, well, thanks to svol, I think I will stick it under the motherboard, right under the CPU.
    I thought about putting it on or near the HFS, but it will not give an accurate proximity to the real reading, whereas under the CPU would be closer, after all with the LCD on the case, it is easier to turn the knobs, for higher airflow if u need it or set the hardcano alarm it the temp suddenly increase, without needing to activate sensor/mb programs.

    Oh what funnnnn it it we have today, I ve goto disassemble the creature again........

    hope it help u, but a thermaltake is quite a good case, loads of room (still got 3 3.5" bays left...hmmm maybe SATA drives..... unfortuately all the 5" bays are used (one bay are used for the Hardcano temp control) and excellent airflow control and very good quality build, way more then the Xaser II series, actually better looking then the chieftans, li-lian and antec cases that I was considering before I bought the Thermaltake.

    Tan Ramacut
  6. Ops forgot to mention why, I did not go for a thermaltake CPU (thermaltake SLk-900u, it too bloody big, for my P4c800 board, one look, almost give me a heart attack, its like a house and the PC4800 is not a roomy board, if u know what I mean, not that I wount't want one some one is giving them a way, but, unfortuately half of the really good HFS are damn expensive and really big, they are also suppose to give a really good thermal conductance. So I went for a AeroFlow, while its not the best, it packs a good punch for it size, with a noise of 33dAB, it is not that quite either, but, overall it was one of the best for a limited sized option (the damn p4C800).
  7. very interesting.. so I guess my temps are normal then.. well that's good.. I was just worried about them because I am used to my P3 90 degree farenheight temps.. lol

    Do you think the Aeroflow is a better heatsink and fan than the Thermalright SLK-900 ??

    P4 2.8c (800fsb), Abit IS7, Kingston HyperX PC3500 (2 x 512mb), IBM Deskstar (60 gig @ 7200rpm)
    P3 850mhz (100fsb), Asus CUV4X, 620mb Micron PC133, WD 40gig 7200rpm
  8. thermalright is a better thermal sink, I've only got the aeroflow cos of limited mb size, which will not accept thermalright, if it did, it will probably damage the capacitors too close to the socket
    and block 2 of my fan's air way.

    Not sure if the temp on the cpu or system is generic,cos Its the first P4 I've used.
  9. will the thermalright slk-9000 fit fine on my Abit IS7 motherboard? what motherboard do you have?

    P4 2.8c (800fsb), Abit IS7, Kingston HyperX PC3500 (2 x 512mb), IBM Deskstar (60 gig @ 7200rpm)
    P3 850mhz (100fsb), Asus CUV4X, 620mb Micron PC133, WD 40gig 7200rpm
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