Best PC game(s) for road trip?

I'll be going on a long road trip (21 hours) next week and will be spending most of the time playing games with my laptop (i7, 6gb ram, gt520m). What games are best without a mouse that aren't too competitive? I've been looking into FTL and Hotline: Miami, but besides that I don't know many games which are not too fast paced which I can play (well) without a mouse.
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  1. I donno if you will be down or have wifi ... but I love the Korean game "rusty hearts" (the name is terrible I know) its basically a instance based MMO where you run dungeons to level up... combat is very intense (closest thing I can compare it too is maybe tekken?) and uses nothing but keyboard.
    PVP is also quite fun.
  2. FTL is pretty fun. Civilization IV is also fun. It's a turn based strategy game so you don't need fast mouse movements. I've been playing it with a few friends.
  3. As long as you can use a controller, Mark of the Ninja and Trine 2 are awesome.
  4. Metro 2033 bro
  5. any racing games? I've found them to be the best genre for me when I'm on my laptop.
  6. iyzik said:
    Metro 2033 bro

    That is not nice from you :pfff:
  7. The binding of isaac and super meat boy?
  8. Binding of Isaac, any turn based strategy or RPG like the Civilization series, Total War series, KOTOR etc.
  9. digrs said:
    That is not nice from you :pfff:


    Seriously though I would probably recommend some racing games. Need for speed maybe and I second the earlier Civilazation recommendation. I personally like Civ 3 and 4 the best.
  10. I would get FTL, some racing stuff ,
    Try game Don't Starve !
    Another option is to get headset and get some movies!

    FTL , Binding of Issac , racing games of any kind and movies! Thats what i would get!
  11. iyzik said:
    Metro 2033 bro

    On a laptop with no mouse? :P
  12. voiidwulf said:
    On a laptop with no mouse? :P

    Haha I was jk, check my second post.
  13. iyzik said:
    Haha I was jk, check my second post.

    Ahh, yes. Fail.
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