Direct x11 games causing issues.

Hello pc gamers.

I'm having a odd issue when dealng with games running on direct x10 or 11 settings.

I'll give my specs first then go into my problem.

Asrock extreme 4 z77 board. With 16 gigs 1600 ram.
Intel i5-3570k processor oc'd to 4.2ghz running on air.
Sapphire 7970 oc
asus xonar dx sound card.
Windows 7 home premium

This machine is connected to a Samsung 3D plasma d550 thru hdmi. With a max res of 1080p.

I'f I'm missing any spec information please let me know.

First off I'm runnning my machine at 1280 x 720 mainly for the larger screen size when sitting far away in my recliner. My issue I am recieving is when I enable direct x10 or 11 features and start the game it forces my television into 1920 x 1080 at 30hz. So far this has occured in the following games. Bioshock, Crysis 2, Assassins Creed 3 and Far Cry 3. I also can experience issues resulting in no video with a message of "Resolution not supported." Then I either have to alt/tab which puts the game into windowed mode or hard reset. Now running under direct x9 settings I have no issues at all. I've used driver fusion to clean my system of older drivers then reloaded with beta version 12.11 catalyst and also the cap file. I have also ran cccleaner to clean my registry and temp files etc.

Has anyone experienced this? Is it a issue with my OC? Could it be corrupted direct x files? I know that DX11 is integrated into Windows 7 so there is no uninstall or reinstall option correct? I guess I'm at a loss as to why direct x would force 30hz when I have the games and my desktop res at 1280 x 720 at 60hz which my television should easily support.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. When you change the res of the monitor, the res the games play at doesn't change. You need to go into the games individually and change the resolution and frame rates if you want it to be different.
  2. dx9 only supports 1080i so thats the reason your screen doesnt crash when playing them games.
    go into your montor advanced settings (right click screen rez) set it to 30 hz click a check in the hide unsupported rez box.
    under the adapter tab click list all modes and select 1080 i@30hz apply and ok.
    this should lock the screen rez to 1920/1080i as it sounds like your screen doesnt support 1080p@60hz. (check the screens own menu for supported rez features... if it does support 60hz then you can go back to thhe screen rez tab in windows and set both paramiters to 60hz again this will lock it...
    now open CCC and select screen properties and set it there to your supported rez. apply and ok it. make sure you have selected the right output b4 you quit... im not sure but you may have to select HDMI from somewhere in the ccc panel so its recognised as your only output channel.
  3. I should have closed thread simply because I'm a moron. The whole issue was caused by the hdmi connection at my television. While it was seated well enough to give me normal desktop video for some reason if that cable is not seated in the television completely I would recieve these issues in game and only under direct 10 or 11 settings. Reseated the cable and made sure it was in there as snug as possible and the issue was gone! I feel like a dumb ass but like I said I was getting 1080p 60hz and 720p 60hz when at my desktop or surfing the net just fine so the thought never crossed my mind to check the connection at my television. Thanks to those who posted with assistance and those tips would more then likely help tons of other users with these same issues except me the moron who didn't check the easiest things first.
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