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I am a newbie here and after spending days reading, I wonder if XP 2500 Barton is the best performance/price ratio CPU to get at this moment(with OC ability)? Then which MoBo is best to go with it?


*can't wait for my new PC*
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  1. The 2500 is the best price/performance cpu when it comes to everclocking. It should do 2.1-2.2ghz fairly easily provided a good cooler is used. I really do recommend the epox 8RDA3+ board as i've said before. It uses the latest nforce 2 ultra 400 chipset and unlocks all multipliers for high FSB speeds. Also the voltage choices are excellent.

    One thing to note though is the lack of soundstorm but if you have a good sound card already that shouldn't be a problem...

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  2. Thanks SpeedUK for your prompt reply, very appreciate it. I have no soundcard unfornately and what kind of heat sink and fan do I need for OCing, I am hoping the combination of CPU/MoBo/Ram/cooler will give me 3Ghz.

  3. The Abit NF7-S is also a nice OC'er although it doesn't support VCore's as high as the Epox does.

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  4. Thank you so much coz I cant find the Epox where I live but I found the NF7-M from A-bit, is that ok for OCing the XP2500 to 3000? What cooling would you use with that kind of OCing?
  5. Read your private msg. Those coolers are the best, others dont even compare, especially for overclocking. Some people use thermaltake volcanoes but I dont think they can handle a good overclock.....

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  6. I kinda disagree. for the BEST price/performance, a 1700 JIUHB is the BEST hands down. A 150% increase in clock speed is as good, if not better than the celeron 300A back in the day. And it's $44 shipped at newegg.

    the epox mobo I do agree with, although you can probably get away with the 8Rda+ w/ 200FSB.

    cooler, I would not choose a the thermaltake volcano line either, but rather go with thermalright, as they make very good stuff.
  7. That mobo should be fine for OC'ing towards XP300+ speeds. I recommend the Thermalright SLK-800 or even 900 for the best cooling.

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
  8. Thanks everyone, it really helps to have others recommendations and from my understanding, the Thermalright SLK-800 or 900 is a heat sink with fan or without? Otherwise, what kind of fan should I go for?

    *can't wait for my new PC*
  9. Thermalright Smart fan 2. You can adjust its speed depending on cooling needs. I leave mine on minimum setting and let the temperature probe do its thing. When the heatsink gets hot, it increases the fan speed gradually....

    This is great because it keeps the cpu temperature constant with only small increases in noise levels.

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  10. Thanks again SpeedUK.

    Does anyone have used the MSI K7N2-L / K7N2G? How is it compare to ABit?
  11. I agree with the 1700 jiuhb. I run at XP2600 speed with no problems. On the Mobo side, I use an ECS L7S7A2. They are around $54, and overclock quite nicely. I get 9200 3dmarks with a stock 8500le that is not overclocked.
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