Fifa 13 lagging suddenly

whenever i m starting to play a mathc in fifa 13 the cpu usage goes upto 90-95%..the game is lagging horribly..this didnt use to happen even a week ago...need some help here...
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  1. overheating issue...?
  2. Check temperatures while playing the game...
  3. which GPU do you have ??
  4. NORMALLY THE TEMP SHOULD BE AT 50 or max 65 degree !!!
    push ctrl+alt+del to go to win 7 utility screen and then select task manger !!
    and wait for 5-6 seconds and get back to the game !!
    try closing the antivirus shields for the time being !! and shut down useless programmes !!
  5. No need to use caps. The optimal temp for any component in a machine varies from component to component and computer to computer.
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