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I am getting the Thermaltake Xaser III v2000a case and am considering going with water cooling over air cooling. I mean after I buy the slk-900u with a nice fan and thermal paste, I am up around $90. So I figured I could go with water cooling for not too much more. What are you opinions on what the best water cooling kits are? Should I go with the AquariusII by Thermaltake kit since I am getting the Xaser III case? Do you know how this compares to other companies kits out there? Any help would be appreciated..

Plus can you sort of give me an idea of the pros and cons of water cooling versus air cooling. I keep my pc on 24/7 so I don't know if water cooling would have a problem with that. Plus I am afraid if the water pump went on me I would melt my cpu, mobo, or whatever else. So you can see that I am totally new to water cooling and I haven't ever built a system with it. So if you could also let me know how hard it is to built I would appreciate it. Thanks guys..

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  1. With HSF you have the chance the fan stops, with watercooling the chance the pump stops. But with a thermal protection mechanism on your mobo you can prevent damage with both.

    Watercooling (if you got a good kit) is way more efficient then aircooling... you will get lower temps with less noise.

    I can't recommend and kit because I always build DIY watercooling which can be very cheap.

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  2. here's an article you may want to <A HREF="" target="_new">check out</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">here's a comparison of a bunch of kits</A>, all non-diy stuff. a waterblock comparison is right below it, in case you go diy
    otherwise, search the boards and you'll find the answers to your questions

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  3. First off, the AquariusII watercooling kit is GARBAGE - I mean, you're much better off putting one together for less money on top of it. Personally, I use an Eheim 1250 pump, a Danger Den Maze 3 waterblock and a 1973 Buick heater core for a radiator... total cost was $120, so you can see it was definitely worth it. For a heater core, just go to a good auto shop and find something that suits your needs - I can fit 2 120mm fans on mine, with room to spare (its 13" x 6 1/2" x 1 1/2"). As for the pump, Eheim is supposed to the most reliable, though I've heard good about the Hydror L30 as well as the VIA Aqua 1300, so its up to you - the Eheim is the most expensive, so keep that in mind I guess. As for the waterblock, I found that the newest Swiftech (can't remember model name/number) is rated to be as good as the DangerDen Maze3, which I find looks better, hence the decision. Otherwise, Asetek makes a nice one, and so does Little River, so you might want to look around. Actually, the Innnovatek waterblock is probably the best IMHO, but much more $$ (about $80 compared to DD's $40)... the Innovatek can also be bought in a kit which is pretty good too, so you might want to check that out. As for the Koolance case, I don't like it - same thing goes for the cheap-o Switech kit being sold, they're both crap. hope this helps :)

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  4. Hi. I looked at the Overclocker's comparison of watercooling and air cooling products. It appears that the top air cooling for P4 was 0.15(800-u), while the top watercooling block was 0.19(white water). That didn't make much sense to me because I thought lower was better and that the best watercoolers were better than the best air coolers. Also the best AMD cooler was 0.22, which is way worse than 0.15. What's up?

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  5. yeah, I looked at that too. There are two processes involved. Conduction of heat into the heatsink, and conduction of heat away from the heatsink. Large heatsinks like the SLK900 have an enormous surface area for air conduction away fromt heatsink, the best water cooling heatsinks have a much smaller surface area so that even though water takes the heat away much more quickly, the overall effect is not so much different in terms of cooling performance.

    It is worth remembering though that the top performing air cooled heatsinks are using ridiculous air power cooling with noise levels well above acceptable. Most water cooled systems have noise levels well below that of air cooled systems thus on noise:cooling performance water cooling wins.

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  6. exactly. that record was probably set with the delta screamer on high.

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