Expensive water cooled setup

I'm kind of wondering about building a water-cooled setup for my dual AMD MP 2400+ system.

So far I have the following gear in mind.

2x Magnum CPU cooler €60,90 ×2= €121,80
Magnum chipset cooler €49,61
Koolance CHC-A05 GPU cooler, $46.95 ($22 shipping)
Radiator Black Ice Pro 2 €75.23
Fan (120×25)×2 Titan 12025M12B 2×€13.62=€27.24
Eheim 1048 Water pump €45.40
Brass pump fittings €10,12
Resevoir Eheim Plexiglas €29.18
Silicone tubing, 10mm, 2m €7.80
2×Y-adapter, 10mm, €3.12
PumpControl-O-Matic €20.75
Tubing clamps ×12, €4.68

Total €394.93 + $46.95

Nice price huh? Actually its more expensive than the 2 CPUs. Which kind of leaves me wondering, is building such a setup totally wacko? I mean, is it really going to be better than putting a nice good quiet air coolers like the TTIC-NPH-2 or Vantec Aeroflow for less than half the price

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  1. That is kind of expensive come to think of it, but there are cheaper solutions to watercooling. But with respects to air cooling vs. water, it basically allows a more quiet setup and a cooler running system - if you're going to overclock it, then even better.

    Anyways, might I suggest some parts to replace the list you've made, try to get that price down a little. First off, how about a pair of Danger Den Maze4 CPU coolers - US$40 each, and they're at par with anything if not better. Next, Danger Den's Northbridge cooler is $35, and their GPU waterblock is $45. As for the radiator, the Black Ice Extreme 2 (which I suggest over the "Pro", since you're cooling quite a few components), its US$100, though you can always replace this by purchasing a car's "heater core" for about $25 from any auto supply shop. Just get one thats nice and big and you're set. Also, I would definitely suggest getting the Eheim 1250 instead of the 1048, that only being $67, with matching reservoir for $25 (though you can easily make one yourself). Save your money on the brass pump fittings, you can pick up cheaper plastic ones from any home building store, as well as the tubing, clamps and y-adapters. As for the fans, there's some Evercool 120mm, 80 cfm @ 30db models for $12 each.

    All this, by the way, available at <A HREF="http://www.dangerden.com" target="_new">Danger Den</A>, so only one shipping cost.

    Oh, and the total cost? US$311 - and thats using the Black Ice radiator, sound a little bit better yet?

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  2. Having just experienced a meltdown of an AMD XP2000 due to heat. I replaced the CPU with a XP2600 (which seems to run cooler than the 2000) and added a INNOVATECH water cooled system. Took about a week to put it together due to limited time and constraints. Works very well. Dropped the CPU operating temp with a Volcano9 from ~153F to ~107F which is 19F degrees above the ambient case temp of 98F. Very quiet, I know now how noisy the HDD fans and PSU fans. A bit pricey at 245USD but I wanted to have a well built subsystem before I moded it beyond recognition.

    I am following up with the water mod to a GF4 video card on the same system. Will also add the mod to my other systems.

    So far, I like it.
  3. I would go for the KLax/Innovatek GPU and chipset cooler which is only €35 and still made of copper. And you can probably find a decent waterblock for your CPU for a lower price (I would have to check some Dutch stores first though my fellow countryman).

    As radiator I would use an old car heating radiator.

    And personally I use an old alu soup kettle as resevoir for my first and an outside electricity housing (they come water sealed) for my second watercooling system.

    I think that would safe you about €100 if not more.

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
  4. that definitely sounds expensive, but i don't know how the prices are there in europe. just make sure you've done enough shopping around to make sure you can get the lowest prices. i think a stronger pump would do you some good, too (the 1048 is 150 gph or something like that? i'd go higher, you've got 4 waterblocks on there). again though, your waterblock prices seem very high, for all components but especially the cpu

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