What OC settings for a P4 2.8c, HyperX ddr433, IS7

Okay I want to start overclocking my stuff since I finally got my new Thermaltake Xaser III case, SLK-900u, and Vantac Tornado 92mm fan. So I think I am pretty good to go for cooling right now. Below is my current Motherboard Monitor 5 high low logs.. these will show all my computers stats.

The lowest numbers are when the computer is idle and the fans are running full blast (turned all the way up on the Hardcano 9) and the room temp is about 70 F..
..and then the highest numbers are when the computer is running Prime95 for hours with all the fans turned all the way down on the Hardcano (even the Tornado running at about 3100 rpms) and the AC off in my room so my room is probably about 75-80 F

http://cybassist.com/jkevin/mbm_log...0Low Log.html

So now with that info above, I need to start overclocking this puppy.. I understand the whole FSB, Quad-Pumping, DDR, etc.. but what I don't totally know is what settings to use for the following..
What vCore voltages to use?
What vDIMM voltages to use?
What memory Timings to use?
What AGP voltages to use?

I had a very bad experience a couple years ago overclocking my old P3 system.. I pushed the FSB too high, and usually your computer will just not boot up then you go back into the BIOS and lower it until you find the "Sweet Spot".. well what happened to me is after the computer not booting a couple times, I tried again, and then my data on my harddrive some how got corrupted. Windows was all messed up and I lost a lot of important files and info. So I basically had to reformat and do my whole OS over again.. so to say the least... I DON'T WANT THIS TO EVERY HAPPEN AGAIN... but I need to know, is this normal to happen when experimenting with OC'ing or should this really NEVER happen? Basically do I need to be worried about this when I start playing with my BIOS settings tonight?

So back to the topic of this plea for help.. I would really appreciate it if people could post what their settings are with similar hardware to mine... and give me some tips and pointers on how to find the best numbers that my system can put out. The voltages definately scare me and I don't want to go running them too high and end up melting something.. so I don't know how I go about changing these, and as for the memory timings, right now my memory is running at the default SPD settings of 2-3-3-7 I don't know if I will need to raise these numbers when I OC or not but if so, I don't know what to set them at. I will probably also use the 5:4 ratio because I want to see how high my CPU's FSB can go, and I am sure it can go A LOT higher than my RAM can. I see some people saying that they are running 5:4 at 271:216... If I did that.. I would have a 3794mhz computer.. WOW.. but I don't know if this is possible.. and ontop of that, I am sure that I will need to increase voltages and possibly change memory timings... just not sure what to set all these at.. or how to slowly find out what numbers are the best for me..

Finally, since I have the Abit IS7, I have the Game Accelerator Bios setting.. which enables PAT on the 865pe chipset. If I am going to be manually overclocking my system, should I just leave this GAT on all the "Auto" settings? Or Should I also put GAT on like the Streetracer Setting which I can do right now with NO OC'ing.. I don't know if by putting GAT on something besides AUTO if that will help to make my system even FASTER than OC'ing will..?

So if you could give me a quick rundown of your suggestions for OC'ing my setup and things, that would be awesome...

Thanks again guys!

P.S. ->> I feel really bad for those people that have the Vantec Tornado fans without having some sort of rhebus like the Hardcano 9 or Digidoc.. that fan sounds like a damn airplane at full speed (4800rpms)... but when I turn the controller on my Hardcano 9 all the way down the fan spins at about 3100rpms and isn't really that bad... put it this way, I can sleep in the same room as the computer like this... plus my AC wall unit makes noise anyhow so it drains some of the Tornado noise out.. but my lord.. Tornado at full speed = BIG HEADACHE!!!


P4 2.8c @ 2.8ghz, Abit IS7, Kingston HyperX pc3500 (2 x 512mb), IBM Deskstar 75gxp 60 gig, Hercules 3d Prophet II GTS 64mb with Crystal Orb, Sound Blaster Live MP3, Pioneer 16x DVD, generic 45x cd-rom
Thermaltake Xaser III v2000a Case, Antec TrueControl 550w PSU, Thermalright SLK-900u, Vantec Tornado 92mm HSF, Artic Silver 3
-----TEMPS/SPEEDS/OC'ing in MBM 5.0-----
Clock = 2.8ghz (no overclock)
FSB = 200mhz
CPU Temps = 38c idle/53c load in Prime95
Case Temps = 31c idle/38c load in Prime95
PWM Temps = 28c idle/51c load in Prime95
Ambient Temps = 21c idle/21c in Prime95
Windows XP Professional SP1
Motherboard Monitor 5

P4 2.8c (800fsb), Abit IS7, Kingston HyperX PC3500 (2 x 512mb), IBM Deskstar (60 gig @ 7200rpm)
P3 850mhz (100fsb), Asus CUV4X, 620mb Micron PC133, WD 40gig 7200rpm
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  1. Holy [-peep-] thats a lot of writing - and no response so far...

    I have the IS7 as well and a 2.4C runs fine at 3.0 stock voltage. I just used default voltages on everything except the CPU when I go higher than 3.0. Same with the memory timings, I havent gone that far yet...

    Intel P4 2.4C @ ???, ABIT IS7, Stock Intel HSF, Kingston HyperX PC3000 512MB @177MHz, Radeon 9700Pro, SB Live 5.1
  2. At 3GHz, have you done a series of prolonged full load tests?

    If so, what other kit have you in the PC, what PSU are you using etc?

    <b><font color=blue>~ <A HREF="http://forums.btvillarin.com/index.php?act=ST&f=41&t=324&s=58e94ba84a16bedfebbf0f416d5bac48" target="_new">System Specs</A> ~<font color=blue></b> :wink:
  3. Can't help you with the PAT / GAT stuff, sorry.

    Why not take it to 250/200 for starters. Are you using PC3500? You mentioned xxx/216 so I assumed you have. This will give you 3.5GHz and if it can run at this level it's an excellent start.

    <b><font color=blue>~ <A HREF="http://forums.btvillarin.com/index.php?act=ST&f=41&t=324&s=58e94ba84a16bedfebbf0f416d5bac48" target="_new">System Specs</A> ~<font color=blue></b> :wink:
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