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i am install two operating system in two different drives .
firstly i install windows 7 in c drive and i install windows xp in d drive but i can't get the option to start "7" . only xp run.so please help me
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  1. [#0005ff]I could understand this if it was the other way around and XP wouldn't start but WIndows 7 uses BCDEDIT to run the dual boot and that overarches the XP boot system. Did Windows 7 work on its own before you added XP to the mix?[/#000ff]
  2. You should have installed xp first then win7.

    try EasyBCD, it should help you and its a freeware(click here) see if it can solve your problem without you having to reinstall everything.

    He is right, did win7 work on its own before you installed xp?
  3. When doing a dual-boot, always install the older OS first. In your case, XP, then 7. Agree with above post, use EasyBCD to repair the damage.
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