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I recently purchased an alienware m14x gaming laptop, it has yet to arrive and since I am a bit of a tech newbie I was hoping someone could help me out on these forums.

When I get my laptop basically I want to buy a whole bunch of old games from steam like Monkey Island, Half Life etc. as well as the latest games.
Due to current tech running on windows 7 and 64-bit, in terms of compatibility how would I get these games to play without causing software errors?
For example, if it was Monkey Island would I just switch the compatibility of the game to say Windows XP and change my current display settings to 32-bit?

I appreciate any answers ppl can give me!
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  1. Half life is fine on windows 7 and most games are. Very few issues are had from steam games.
  2. Make sure you check the system requirements before buying old games on Steam. If it says Windows 9x/ME then you should further investigate if it's going to work on Windows 7. Everything else that's compatible with XP and above will work on 7.
  3. Oddly enough, just a couple of days ago I got an itch to play Monkey Island and Full Throttle again, and found they both work flawlessly on ScummVM. I tried Scumm a few years ago and it still had a lot of bugs but the latest version is a beauty. It is freeware and easy to find, but if you are lagging in tech knowhow, like me, make sure to follow the readme.
  4. Old games can always be runned on newer OS, just some take more work than other.

    For example, ONI and Fahrenheit need a spcial EXE and a diffrent form of installation.
    Hell, im playing sega mega drive games (from steam) on win 7 latly.
    Golden axe, altered beast, streets of rage 2...
    Thats some good ****
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